Not-So-Sweet 16 Game 7: Passive-Aggressive Notes vs. Loud Music

We’re nearing the end of the Not-So-Sweet 16, and so far, we’ve had some fierce battles over everything from emojis to interrupting your coworkers. But we’re not done yet! Today’s voting presents the last two battles of the season, and they’re both going to be nail-biters.

For this match, we have a classic debate between silent passive aggression and overtly aggressive, loud music. Which do you hate more? Make your point of view known (quietly) below.

Passive-Aggressive Notes:

We all know them. Some of us even make Tumblrs about them. These are the sticky notes on the fridge, your desk, or the snack area that say something that seems polite but is actually petty.

Loud Music

Not everyone enjoys music while they work, and no one likes listining to a second-hand beat buzzing indecipherably from a neighbor’s headphones. Heaven forbid, someone decides to turn the office into a club, blaring their music over speakers.


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