Neat-O! Vintage Slang Words to Add to Your Modern Vocabulary

Language changes over time. The popularity of words, especially slang or words related to technology or trends, ebbs and flows. Some long-forgotten words, however, are worth resurrecting. If you’re looking to add a retro update to your vocabulary, here are a few words and phrases from the last hundred years to try out.

1920s: The cat’s meow: The best or greatest. Your iPhone case is the cat’s meow!

1960s: Bummer: a bad experience. I thought Taylor Swift’s concert was a bummer. She only played songs from her new album instead of her older hits.

1970s: Bad: Ironically, if something is “bad” it is really good, stylish, or cool. Did you see North West’s new Louis Vuitton sneakers? They’re totally bad!

1970s: Dig It: To understand or agree. What an insightful Ted Talk this is. I dig it.

1980s: Pie-hole: a slang term for mouth. I can’t wait to stuff my pie-hole with this vegan, gluten-free pizza!

Which slang words do you think people should start using again? Share your favorites in the comments!


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